Why exploring creativity with your children is so important

Exploring creativity throughout your child's upbringing is vital when it comes to shaping who they are into their adulthood. From self-confidence to fine motor skills, encouraging creativity in your little ones' lives is more than just a bit of drawing or painting, and can have many beneficial effects on personal development.

Why exploring creativity in your child is important

Encouraging Messy Play 

We know that messy play may not be your first pick when it comes to an afternoon activity! However, the positive effects of messy play can be huge. From fostering curiosity and exploration to supporting the ability to play independently.  Our Messy Mat is perfect for encouraging messy playtime without the stress of any unwanted spillages or stains!  

Exploring a new hobby

Creativity comes in many forms, from arts and crafts to music and dance. Whatever your child's interests are, there's bound to be something you can do to get them involved in the creative world around them.  It is always positive to get your child interested in a hobby they love to encourage commitment and social skills. Often children find this through exploring creative tasks. 

Boosting your child's Imagination 

Getting your child stuck into a creative project can be great for their imaginative skills. It may be simply drawing a picture, or perhaps something a little more complex such as building a fairy garden, either way, giving your child the space to let their creative imagination run wild can be very beneficial when it comes to fostering cognitive and social development.

Improving Fine Motor Skills 

Whether it's holding a paintbrush to draw a painting, or a pair of scissors to cut up collage materials, when it comes to arts and crafts and creative learning, your child's fine motor skills can majorly benefit. Try exploring clay or modelling materials to encourage your child to create something fun to encourage hand coordination and accuracy. 

Encouraging Self Confidence 

Giving your child the space to explore solo creative projects is really important as they begin to grow and develop their own little personalities.  Self-confidence is a vital skill to have as they continue to grow all the way to adulthood, and encouraging opportunities to work independently when it comes to creative learning allows your child to take control when it comes to creativity. 

Ready to explore creativity with your little ones?

Here at Crafty Pods, our products are made by parents, for parents!  We believe creativity is vital to a child’s development which is why we offer a range of toys and creative activities to allow you to have all the fun of messy playtime without the stress of making a mess!

Check out our range of creative products available on our online store including our  Medium Crafty Pods. If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our products get in touch, and one of our team would love to help.

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