Crafty Pods Children’s Messy Play Mat can be used in so many different ways! From children’s play mat to sensory play areas, these Pods have been made by parents for parents to help create safe, fun areas for children to get creative and use their imaginations.

Pop-up portable play area

Take a play mat wherever you need with the portable play mat provided by Crafty Pods. The easy-fold design can be packed down into a convenient bag, allowing you to take your Pod to the park, on vacation, or just pack it away in the evenings for a little more room at home. Outdoors or inside, Crafty Pods are easy to clean so you can take them anywhere you would like.

Save space with a fold-down play may from Crafty Pods, easy to tidy away or pop up when needed, fitting into your lifestyle with ease.

Play areas favoured by Celebrities

At Crafty Pods we pride ourselves on our high-quality, versatile design that suits all lifestyles and ages. Endorsed by celebrities such as Helen Flanagan, Cara Kilbey and ex-Love Island star Cara Delahoyde, Crafty Pods help keep the mess contained to an area that your children can enjoy together or individually.

Sensory and Messy Play

Messy and sensory play has been shown to be great for child development and creativity and Crafty Pods have been designed with that in mind.

Start sensory play right with easy-to-clean equipment like the wipeable Crafty Pod and Messy Mat combo. Easy to set up and just as simple to clean up after the fun has been had, allowing your child to explore their creativity freely without having to worry about the aftermath.

Messy Play Ideas for Kids

Messy Play is great fun and good for development, allowing children to explore their creativity and use their imagination whilst learning about new textures, tastes and smells. 

Introduce your child to the Pod Life with some of these exciting messy play ideas.

Let’s get Cereal about Messy Play

Create the perfect mess with a variety of dry cereals. Put your messy mat to use with easy-to-clean, dry snacks and any toy diggers and cars you might have lying around the house.