Medium Crafty Pods


Discover Crafty Pods for easy-to-use activity playpens that encourage creativity and play, both inside and outdoors. Crafty Pods are a great way to encourage playtime without all of the usual mess.

Think Play-Doh, Paint, Water, Sand, Glitter, Lego, Sensory Play, Tough Tray Set Ups, not forgetting the saviour to weaning.

Create a cosy space for quiet time, the ideal play area full of your child’s Favourite activities, Crafty Pods are versatile for a range of educational activities to help your children learn and play as they grow.

What makes Medium Crafty Pods special

Medium Crafty Pods are the ideal size for playtime, expanding to 150cm wide the Pod has plenty of space for your child to play in. Our Sides are roughly 44cm High. Don’t have much space? Each of our Crafty Pods folds down into an easy-to-store 28cm pack that can be put away in a cupboard, or packed into the car for fun days out of the house.

Our Medium Pods Sit a tough tray comfortably.

Crafty Pods are made from an easy-to-clean fabric that can be wiped down or washed off whenever playtime gets a little messy. The water-resistant material makes our Pods the ideal addition to your messy and sensory play plans and ideas.

Each Pod comes with six storage pockets included, perfect for keeping toys, games, colouring pens,snacks and much more at hand when your child is enjoying their time in their Pod, allowing them to play independently.

Messy Mats from Crafty Pods

Each Crafty Pod purchase includes a free Messy Mat that can be placed inside your new Pod to help make the cleanup even easier.

Messy or sensory play is great for teaching your child about new textures, smells, tastes and sounds, allowing them to explore their creativity. Carefully fold your messy mat over and take it outside to shake out or hose down, leaving you with your easy-to-wipe Crafty Pod and less mess.

Explore the Outdoors with Crafty Pods

Easy to fold down Crafty Pods are the perfect outdoor messy play to take out on adventures with your child. Head to the beach, camping or simply the park for a Pod Picnic, or set up a cosy garden play area for some fun in the sun.

Dirt is a worry of the past thanks to the wipeable material used in these Pods that have been designed by parents, for parents.

Discover Medium Crafty Pods Today

Messy Pods are a great addition to your child’s play area, discover easy-to-tidy spaces for your children with Crafty Pods.

Available in pink, blue, or the original Crafty Pods yellow, our Pods have been designed to suit any preference.

Time to enjoy the mess without the stress!


Grab a spare messy mat!