Discover the perfect accompaniment to messy play, the Crafty Pods Messy Mat. Create the perfect sensory play area with the addition of a Messy Mat, making cleaning up after playtime even easier.

Messy mats fit easily into any sized Crafty Pod, ideal for spending more time having fun together with your child, and less time worrying about cleaning up afterwards.

What makes the Messy Mat Special

Our Messy Mat was designed by parents, for parents. Available in three sizes to complement our different sized Crafty Pods, a messy mat can be used with a Crafty Pod or on its own for messy play activities to make clean-up easy.

Made with waterproof materials, the Messy Mat is perfect for children to get creative with as they try out arts and crafts or sensory play. Machine washable, tidying up after your child has never been easier.

Sensory Play with a Messy Mat

Waterproof and easy to wipe, a Messy Mat is the perfect place to set up sensory or messy play activities for your child.

The Messy Mat is easy to use anyplace at any time, whether you want to create a cooling water mat in the summer, or to let your child go wild with some shaving foam and pasta inside.

Sensory play is a great way to introduce your child to their different senses through creativity and play. From jelly or baked beans to sand or dried cereals, there is no end to the creativity and fun of sensory play, and what’s a little mess when it’s so easy to clean up with a Messy Mat?

Outdoor Play with a Messy Mat

Getting your child outside whenever possible is a great way to help them explore the world around them. Outside play with a Messy Mat allows children to explore the different sights, textures, tastes, smells and sounds that the world brings us.

Create a muddy messy play extravaganza on your messy mat with a little mud and water, or give your child some paints and tools and let them explore in some independent play. The outside world is full of opportunities for creative play and the Messy Mat is the perfect way to introduce this to your child.

Discover Sensory Play with the Crafty Pods Messy Mat today

Messy Mats are the perfect tool for creative children, allowing them to learn and explore through sensory play, with an easy clean-up at the end. Our Messy Mats come in three sizes to match our range of Crafty Pods, or to be used alone.

Easy to clean and machine washable, Messy Mats are a great addition to messy play.


Grab a spare messy mat!