Discover the benefits of Crafty Pods for sensory play and learning. Using a crafty pod for sensory play has all of the benefits of altering the sensory items used, as well as being travel friendly. Sensory play doesn’t have to be limited to your home with the use of a crafty pod and a messy mat, set up outside or away for sensory fun no matter the occasion.

Sensory Play in a Crafty Pod

Safe Sensory Play Mats

Sensory play is the perfect way to introduce your children to new textures, tastes, smells, sounds and sights, all within the safety of a designated space. Using a Crafty Pod allows you to confine the mess of sensory play to one area, without cutting off your child’s creativity or an adventurous spirit.

The soft lining of a Crafty Pod is completely safe for children, leaving no sharp or dangerous edges they might hurt themselves on.

Messy Mats for Sensory Fun

Sensory play is another way of saying messy play in some circumstances. At Crafty Pods our Messy Mats are the perfect addition to your Crafty Pod, allowing you to give your children as much freedom as you desire during sensory play, followed by easy tidying up.

Our Messy Mats and Crafty Pods are easy to wash, just [Insert Washing Instruction here]. They’re so easy to clean you won’t mind the mess!

Why not create a fun sensory experience for your children with cooked pasta, play dough or shaving foam? No matter what you have in the cupboards your child will have a great time, and you won’t worry about tidying up.

Portable Sensory Play

Sensory Play doesn’t have to be something your children only get to do at home. Crafty Pods are completely portable, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go, and set up new sensory stations.

Take your sensory play to the woods for some sensory outdoor play equipment, and create your own sensory station full of leaves, pinecones, moss and other items that you find in the area. Creating your own sensory area outside allows you to dedicate a small amount of space to the setup, without having to worry about sharp objects, strangers or your child deciding to wander off while your back is turned!

You can even take your Crafty Pod away with you as it fits perfectly into luggage. Introduce your child to different objects and elements as you take them away with you. If your child is used to routine there’s no need to change whilst on holiday, just pop up your crafty pod and fill it with any sensory items you can find (shaving foam is always a winner).

Sensory Nature Play in a Crafty Pod

Discover Sensory Play Mats with Crafty Pods

Find out why Crafty Pods are the perfect addition to your child’s Sensory Playtime with our range of Crafty Pods and Messy Mats that come in a variety of colours and sizes. Easy to clean, our pods are designed to help contain the mess that comes with a child’s creativity.

Get in touch with our team for more information, shop the collection today, or check out our blog for more fun sensory ideas.