Our Frequently Asked Questions

At Crafty Pods our pop-up play mats were designed by parents, for parents, so we understand that you may have questions about our range of products. We have compiled all of our frequently asked questions into one handy little space so you can find the answers you’re looking for with ease, leaving you feeling happy and confident in your Crafty Pods purchase.

Crafty Pods FAQs

What is a Crafty Pod?

Crafty Pods are portable, fold-down play area that can be set up inside or outdoors for contained fun. Perfect for messy and sensory play, or for quiet time. Our Crafty Pods are the ideal addition to supervised play. Think of a contained messy zone that keeps your house clean.

What Materials are used?

Crafty Pods are made with a lightweight, breathable material that is water-resistant and easy to wipe down for easy cleaning.

What are Crafty Pods used for?

Crafty Pods were created to help contain all of the mess that comes with playtime! A designated messy/craft zone, the Crafty Pod is there to protect your home from all of the mess that comes with a fun-filled childhood. 

Crafty Pods can be used for a wide variety of activities, from play dough, painting, water and sand play, to lego or sensory play, there is no end to the possibilities of a Crafty Pod.

Crafty Pods can be taken abroad, used on the beach or even set up at the grandparents.

Are Crafty Pods easy to clean?

Crafty Pods have been made with water-resistant fabric that is easy to wipe down and clean, perfect for messy play activities or just when they need a little clean down after use.

Can Crafty Pods go in the washing machine?

Crafty Pods are easy to wipe clean, but due to the structure of the pod, they can not go into a washing machine.

Are Crafty Pods Waterproof?

Crafty pods are made using a water-resistant material, making them perfect for messy and sensory play, but they will need to dry out once wet. They are not able to replace a paddling pool and wet play should always be supervised by an adult. Please see our Messy Mat for more water-based fun!

How do you fold a Crafty Pod?

Crafty Pods have been designed to fold down easily for storage and easy transportation. Our Fold Down instructions show you exactly how to fold down your Crafty Pod with both instructions and an instructional video.

How are Crafty Pods shipped?

Crafty Pods ship within the UK using Royal Mail First Class delivery. International delivery comes as standard or tracked delivery. Our Shipping Policy includes more information about this.

Messy Mats FAQs

Are Messy Mats easy to clean?

Our Messy Mats have been created with a waterproof material, easy to bundle up and shake off outside before popping into the washing machine or rinsing off outside.

What Materials are used?

Our Messy Mats are made with waterproof material.

Can Messy Mats go in the washing machine?

Our messy mats are completely machine washable, perfect for a post messy play cleanup.

Are Messy Mats Waterproof?

Our messy mats are waterproof, making them the ideal choice for wet play.

Do all Crafty Pods come with a Messy Mat?

Each of our Crafty Pods comes with a complimentary Messy Mat in matching size, allowing you to turn your Crafty Pod into a messy play area with ease. We also sell our Messy Mats separately, so you can add spares to your order, or set one up outside of a Crafty Pod for easy messy play opportunities.

Crafty Pod Uses FAQs

Can Crafty Pods be put up inside?

Crafty Pods are the ideal pop-up play mat for inside play. The different sizes available allow you to choose the right fit for your space. Enjoy playtime together, or encourage independent play while you supervise.

Are Crafty Pods an Outdoor Play Mat?

Crafty Pods are easy to set up and wipe down, making them a brilliant outdoor mess play for children. Enjoy family time together in the garden or other outside areas, but it is worth noting that our pop-up Pods should always be used under adult supervision and your child should not be left alone as Crafty Pods are not designed to contain your little ones.

Can you take Crafty Pods away with you?

Crafty Pods fold down into a 32cm bag which can be packed away into suitcases or cars for easy transportation. The lightweight material is ideal for warmer holidays.

Are Crafty Pods for Messy Play?

Messy Play or Sensory Play are where Crafty Pods really shine, helping to keep any mess contained for a simple clean-up at the end of playtime. Easy to wipe clean or pick up and shake out, our Crafty Pods with Messy Mats have been designed for this purpose.

Can I put things in my fold-down Pod?

From a table and chairs to beanbags or slime, our Crafty Pods have been designed to withstand a variety of children's furniture and toys for a long-lasting Pod that is perfect for playtime or quiet time.

Are Crafty Pods big enough for multiple children to play?

Our Crafty Pods come in three sizes, allowing you to choose the size to suit your needs. Depending on your children’s size a medium or large Crafty Pod may be your best choice.

Can adults fit in a Crafty Pod?

If you want to join your child for playtime in a Crafty Pod you can absolutely fit together in a medium or large Crafty Pod for some quality time together.


Crafty Pods Health and Safety FAQs

Are Crafty Pods strong?

Crafty Pods have been created to easily fold down for convenience. However, this means that the walls are not overly strong if your child decides to lean on them or tries to pull themselves up.

Our Pods have been designed to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear that is expected when children are having fun.

Can children be left alone in a Crafty Pod?

Whilst Crafty Pods are safe for children to use, an adult should always be available to supervise as the walls are easy to breach for adventurous children.

Are Crafty Pods easy to climb over?

Crafty Pods are easy for parents to step in and out of, whilst the walls aren’t too high that your child couldn’t climb out if they wanted to. This messy play is perfect for containing mess and young children, but escape artists should be watched.

The lightweight design of Crafty Pods means that children may be able to push down the walls and climb out. They are great for playtime but are not a solution to leaving your child alone and unable to escape. We recommend supervising your children at all times whilst enjoying the Crafty Pod.

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