Crafty Pods

Take messy play time to the next level with one of our pop-up playpens, designed to contain all the mess that comes with a child’s creativity! Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, this portable playpen is big enough for multiple children to enjoy the freedom of creating. 

If you’re looking for even more protection from the mess, you can get Crafty Pods messy mat, perfect for those creative arts and crafts! Turn your Crafty Pod into a messy play mat with sides in a matter of seconds!

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Crafty Pods

Medium Crafty Pod in yellow
On sale

Medium Crafty Pod

£31.99 £39.99
Large Crafty Pod in yellow
On sale

Large Crafty Pod

£34.99 £43.99
Small Crafty Pod in yellow
On sale

Small Crafty Pod

£28.99 £36.49
Crafty Pod with grey Messy Mat

Messy Mat


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Get inspired for your next messy play time with the help of the Crafty Pods blog. Here you will find all the tips and tricks you need to nurture your child's creativity. Check it out!