Creative Uses for Crafty Pods

Discover the many different uses of our Crafty Pods, from play mats to a sensory play area, the possibilities are endless. Create a comfortable area for either play, sleep, or creativity, that will allow you to do what you need in peace, without little legs running around.

Crafty Pod Play Mats

Create the ultimate play mat for your little one. The collapsible design allows you to fold down, or set it up anywhere and anytime. Fill it with your child’s favourite toys and books, without worrying about where they’ll wander off to. 

Create a safe space full of fun activities to keep them entertained while you go about your day, and allow them to gain some independence at the same time.


Create A Messy Play Area

Messy Play can be, well, messy. But the chance to explore textures allows children to use their natural curiosity to explore their senses through play.  

Creating a Messy Play area for your child allows them to get as messy as they want, whilst keeping it contained to one area, no finding glitter under your pillows! 

The wipe-clean large messy mat design means clean-up can be as easy as possible, and the folding feature allows you to move it outside for added ease.


Crafty Pods for Crafts

Another great way to use your Crafty Pod is to create a craft area for your child. Messy mats for craft help to keep glitter contained to one area which is any parent's dream, and by using the Crafty Pod to create a specific, enclosed area, you're keeping the mess contained (and shaking out the leftover glitter couldn’t be easier with our fold-up design). Just like with a Messy Play area it is easy to clean and allows your child to create independently, and explore their creativity.


Perfect for Naps

Crafty Pods make a perfect makeshift nap area. A convenient portable bed, filled with blankets and cushions, will keep your child in the happiest of moods as they can nap anytime and anywhere.

Going away? The Crafty Pod can be packed away and used to create a portable bed for anywhere you may be staying, allowing them to feel at home enough to sleep in a strange place.


Outside Play

In the summer outside play is the dream for any little one and parent alike, but sometimes you just don’t have the space. Use a Crafty Pod to create a designated outside play area, so keeping an eye on your child is an easy affair.

Fill with toys or crafts, sit back, and watch your child enjoy the sun safely in their Crafty Pod.


Create an Area for Little Friends

A Crafty Pod is a fantastic way to gather little ones together as they learn to play with each other. Create a designated area for playtime that puts children in the same space, so they’re able to learn about each other, and make friends. Our Pods come in a range of sizes, so sharing with friends couldn’t be easier.

Has your child grown out of their crafty pod? You could reuse the pod for any new little friends you introduce to your household. Puppies, Kittens, Guinea Pigs and more could be introduced to the home using the enclosed space either for bedtime or just for an open run around.


How Will You Get Crafty?

No matter your use for Crafty Pods, the versatility of the play area is great for any child (or pet). Discover more about Crafty Pods by getting in touch with our helpful team, or find even more uses on our blog.