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Messy Play Ideas

As we all know, toddlers and small children have so much fun getting creative. So, why not incorporate messy play into their routine? 

There are endless possibilities for the type of fun a child can have in a Crafty Pod, the main thing being messy play. We’ve put together a list of fun messy play ideas for children.

Baking and Decorating

We all know how messy flour and icing sugar can be when baking, especially when creating a magnificent treat! Using your Pod is a great way to contain any mess. Doing this means you can truly let out your younger self as you help your little one decorate a sweet treat, like a cake or batch of cookies.

Remember, you don’t have to go big and buy masses of ingredients - supermarkets have plenty of fun cake mix boxes.


Arts and Crafts

Painting and decorating is a great way to get creative at home - especially on those rainy days. Your child can use a number of tools to do this, from paint and glitter, to pipe cleaners and cotton wool. These materials are great for sensory play.

Arts and Crafts

Tools You Can Use

There are a number of household pieces that you can use for your messy play ideas, as well as simple craft pieces from craft stores like Hobbycraft. This includes:

  • Sponges: You can be creative here and choose a range of shapes and sizes. Can’t find the shape you want? You can always cut your own from a simple square sponge. Fun shapes include stars and snowflakes
  • Paint (prioritise buying primary colours because you can use this time to show your child how colours mix!)
  • Pipe cleaners and tissue paper
  • Pom poms and cotton wool
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper plates
  • Play-doh
  • Glitter

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