At Crafty Pods we pride ourselves on having an excellent product with hundreds of different uses to help parents entertain their children. Our pop-up play area can be used anywhere and anytime, inside or outside, creating a stress-free play environment for you and your child.

We love our Crafty Pods, and Celebs Love Us Too! 

Helen Flanagan

British actress Helen Flanagan has been using Crafty Pods since 2019 and continued to use it to keep things entertaining for her children throughout lockdown in 2020.

“The girls and I have been using our Crafty Pod to keep things a little less messy at home…which can be used inside or even outdoors which is perfect for the nice weather we keep getting! The girls love playing together and the pod keeps everything contained for me!”

Cara Delahoyde

Ex-Love Islander Cara Delahoyde has praised Crafty Pods for helping keep the mess contained after her son’s birthday brought a range of messy gifts into her home.

“Crafty Pod genius hack. After all the messy presents Fred received, my lifesaver was my Crafty Pod. Everything goes in and he can make as much mess as he wants and my house stays spotless.”


Cara Kilbey

Business Owner and Instagram Mummy Cara Kilbey has been known to use Crafty Pods to create a mess-free, argument-free zone where her kids can play together. 

“This is literally a lifesaver… No mess and no arguments.”


Jessica @mummy_and_mason

Jessica and Mason love messy play and showing their wonderful combinations with their Instagram followers. Using our messy mats for crafts and play, our pop-up play mat is the perfect addition to their adventures in messy play.

“I get asked a lot about our messy play, and the one thing I always use is our Crafty Pod, we’ve had a super cute upgrade to the pink pod.
It’s so easy to put up and then folds back into a small round bag for storage.
It takes the stress out of messy play having it all contained, I would 100% recommend one to any parent.”


Find out why celebs love Crafty Pods

Discover the reason celebs love Crafty Pods with our range of Pods and Messy Mats that come in a variety of colours and sizes. Easily collapsible with dozens of uses, our pop-up play mats are designed to contain the mess that comes with a child’s creativity.


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