Here at Crafty Pods we love to see our kids really enjoy their playtime. But sometimes playtime is just a byword for mess, which is why we’re here. With the help of our Crafty Pods, kids can enjoy the full potential of messy playtime and parents can relax knowing all of the mess is contained in one space. 

Born out of lockdown here in the UK, we can appreciate the parents' struggle to keep their kids entertained during things such as the summer holidays, which is why Crafty Pods exist. A solution for those who want to nurture their child’s creativity with hours of fun.

Why you should choose Crafty Pods

We may be biased, but there are a range of good reasons as to why you should consider getting a Crafty Pod for your home. Not only are all our pods collapsible, but they also come in 3 different sizes, Small, Medium and Large

All our Crafty Pods are crafted out of a water-resistant material, meaning when playtime is over, the clean up process is not only contained but also quick. If you’re looking for even more protection, you should try adding a Messy Mat to your Crafty Pod messy play mat.

Got a question about Crafty Pods?

If you’ve got a question about your Crafty pods or even about the one you’re thinking of buying, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today and a member of the Crafty Pods team will be more than happy to assist you with your query. In the meantime, please consult our FAQ page. 

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