Discover the benefits of Crafty Pods for outdoor play. Using a fold-down play area for outdoor play allows you the freedom of travel during playtime, so taking your children to the park, woodland or other outdoor areas couldn’t be easier. 

Outdoor play isn’t something reserved for your garden, help your child to explore nature and the world around them with the help of Crafty Pods. 

Playing outside encourages exploration, physical activity and appreciation for nature in children, and can help to strengthen motor skills. Activity and fresh air are ideal for burning energy.

Crafty Pods Outdoor Playpen

Safe Outdoor Play Mat for Kids

Outdoor play is the perfect way for your children to explore nature and unleash their inner adventurer. Using a Crafty Pod for outdoor play allows you to set a safe boundary for your children to explore. 

Create a safe space for your children with Crafty Pods, allowing them to explore and play outdoors without any risk. The soft lining of a Crafty Pod is entirely safe for children, leaving no sharp or dangerous edges they might hurt themselves on. 

The lightweight material of a Crafty Pod is perfect for outdoor play as the weather grows warmer. Create a beach in your garden with the help of our Messy Mats, or fill your Pod with ice for a cooling activity that all children will love.

Encourage Creativity with Outdoor Play

Children are creative by nature, allow them to explore and have adventures whilst still being within eyesight.

Outdoor is the ideal opportunity to encourage your children to explore with sensory play. Line your crafty pod with one of our Messy Mats and fill it with sand, leaves or other materials you find outside and let your child discover new textures in the safety of a kids' outdoor play mat.

Don’t worry about the mess, our pods and mats are easy to clean. Shake them out outside and wipe them down with a damp cloth to see your Crafty Pods looking as good as new.

Outdoor Play Mat for Travel

Travelling can be easier with the help of a portable play mat. The fold-down feature of Crafty Pods allows you to condense your play mat into a small shape that's easy to pack away. From car boots to suitcases, a Crafty Pod is a compact play mat that can go with you anywhere.

Whether you want to take your crafty pod to the beach, or on holiday with you abroad, the pod is easy to transport. Keeping a routine when away can be beneficial for children, so don’t hesitate to continue your outdoor playtime when away.

Crafty Pod Outdoor Play Area

Discover the Perfect Outdoor Play Mat for Kids

Find out how Crafty Pods can be the perfect addition to your kids' outdoor playtime with our range of Crafty Pods and Messy Mats that come in a variety of colours and sizes. 

Our pods are easy to clean and pack away, allowing your children to unleash their creativity anywhere and anytime, within a safe space.

Get in touch with our friendly team for more information, shop the collection today, or check out our blog for some fun outdoor play ideas for children.