Crafty Pods Folding Play Area

Discover the benefits of a folding play area with Crafty Pods. Create a safe space for play, naptime or messy play with a Crafty Pod that is easily collapsible for easy tidying and travel. Whether they’re heading off to their grandparents, or you’re taking them on holiday and want the familiar comforts of home, taking a Crafty Pod can create a comforting space for your children when they’re away from home. The fold-down directions are easy to follow, whilst the pod takes up little space so it fits easily into your bag.

Fold-down Pod Directions

Folding down your Pod couldn’t be easier, and the included storage bag makes travelling or storing your Pod a simple affair. Follow the directions below to easily pack your pod away until you need it next.

  1. Firstly, fold the seams of each section against each other, gathering a small amount of the base sheet into each section as you go.
  2. Once you have folded all of the seams together, hold the Pod flat in front of you, holding two diagonal corners (one top and one bottom corner).
  3. Twist each corner, one towards yourself and one away, until you form tight circles. You may need to adjust the size of your circles as you go depending on the size of your storage bag.
  4. Now you have it packed into a tight circle you should flatten it as much as possible to ensure it fits into your storage bag.
  5. Now your circle is ready to place into your storage bag and zip up until you need it next. It’s as easy as that!

Portable Play Mats Perfect For Travel


Crafty Pods are here to make life with children run smoothly, this includes travelling with children.

When travelling away from home we understand that having familiar things can help children feel more comfortable. Crafty Pods fold to create the perfect travelling play mat that you can pack away in your luggage, and pop back up when you get to your hotel, tent or holiday destination.

Whether you travel frequently, or holiday once a year, a Crafty Pod can be the perfect nap space for your child as it feels like home.

Keep Your Home Clean With Our Foldaway Play Mat

Having a collapsible play mat at home can be very beneficial for creating a tidy space. Easily pack it away at the end of the day, or bring it out for playtime. Or maybe you’re taking the child to the grandparents for the afternoon and need to put it in your car, a fold-away play mat like Crafty Pods will easily fit into a bag or car for a quickly constructed play area.

The fold-away ease of Crafty Pods makes tidying up after messy play even simpler, just pick up your pod, partially fold, and shake it out over a bin or outside to prevent making a mess in your home.

No matter where you go, a Crafty Pod can fold away tidily at home or away to allow for more space, whilst unpacking it is just as easy. Just remove your Crafty Pod from the storage bag and allow it to unfold for a quickly constructed play area or nap mat.

Discover Easy Folding Play Mats with Crafty Pods

Find out why our fold-away play mats are the perfect multi-use area for your children with our range of Pods and Messy Mats that come in a variety of colours and sizes. Easily collapsible with dozens of uses, our pop-up play mats are designed to contain the mess that comes with a child’s creativity.

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