Small Crafty Pods


Crafty Pods are the ideal infant messy play, allowing your child to have lots of fun in a safe and secure space. A Crafty Pod is a fantastic addition to any family home and can be used in lots of different ways to entertain or soothe your child.

Create safe cosy areas where your child can relax throughout the day, a play area that keeps the mess to a minimum or the perfect space for sensory play. A small Crafty Pod is the perfect infant Pod for individual play or chilled play dates.

Think Play-Doh, Paint, Water, Sand, Glitter, Lego, Sensory Play, Tough Tray Set Ups, not forgetting the saviour to weaning.

What Makes Crafty Pods Special

Crafty Pods are a foldable play area created for messy play that was designed by parents, for parents. Small Pods expand to 120cm wide, roughly 44cm high around the sides plenty of space for your little one to play or relax comfortably. When you’re finished with it you can pack the pod down into an easy-to-store 28cm circle that can be put away or taken out and about.

Easy-wipe fabric makes the Crafty Pod the perfect Pod for messy and sensory play, as well as outside play. Discover the ideal summer infant playpen that’s easy to clean and water-resistant for a splashing good time.

Our small Pods include 6 storage pockets, perfect for keeping toys out from underfoot.

A great way to enforce a crafting zone where your children can be free to get creative at there own free will in a safe contained area saving other areas from mess.

Our Pods have been a firm favourite for those entering the weaning stage to invite your children to explore and enjoy all the tastes and textures of food. Whilst you can freely sit in our pod on our washable mat, a high chair sits comfortably to collect and save our floors. 

Messy Mats for Crafty Pods

Enjoy sensory play with a messy mat, included with every Small Crafty Pod. Our messy mats fit directly inside your Crafty Pod, making clean-up time even easier after any messy activities.

Sensory or messy play are great ways to introduce your child to exciting new textures, tastes and smells whilst getting creative and having fun.

Outside Fun with Small Crafty Pods

The perfect summer infant messy play, the small Crafty Pod is the perfect size to take outside as the weather gets warmer. Enjoy the sunshine with a collapsible outdoor playpen that is easy to clean and lightweight for easy transportation. 

Enjoy outside picnics, water play or create your own miniature beach at home using a Crafty Pod, creating memories with your child one day at a time.

Discover Small Crafty Pods for Playtime Today

Create the perfect play area for your child with an easy-to-set-up Crafty Pod lightweight Pod. Available in Pink, Blue or the original Crafty Pods yellow, our pods have been designed to be fun for parents and children alike.

Time to enjoy the mess without the stress!

Grab a spare messy mat!