Naptime Tips and Ideas for Toddlers

Naptime is an important time of the day, for both parent and toddler, but sometimes it doesn’t work out how you wanted it to. Finding the right naptime routine for you and your child can be challenging, especially with everyday life getting in the way, which is why the team at Crafty Pods have come up with their top tips and ideas to help parents out during naptime.

Quiet Time for Toddlers

Give your little one a chance to unwind and process any new information they have learned so far that day. Quiet time is also a great way to get your toddler to rest even when they won’t sleep.

Listening to a story is perfect for a toddler’s quiet time, whether you spend that time reading to your child for some quality time, or you put an audiobook or online reading on for them whilst you do some work or run some errands.

If listening to a story isn’t the quiet time activity you were hoping for, offering your child simple puzzles or toys whilst putting some soothing music on in the background is perfect for quiet time. Settle your child down in a cosy area like a Crafty Pod, where you can keep an eye on them.

Two toddlers sitting with bean bags inside a crafty pod

Create the Ultimate Naptime Routine for your Toddler

A consistent naptime routine is the key to successful naps for your toddler. Routines help children to feel safe, so building a regular routine at naptime can help them to sleep.

For the ultimate nap time routine, try waking your child up at the same time each morning, and putting them down for their nap at the same time each day.

Half an hour before naptime, introduce quiet play to your child, as well as offering your child a drink or snack, which can help them to start feeling tired. Cosy them down in a regular nap time area and maybe read them a book, or play a lullaby to help them on their way to sleep. Creating a cosy, sleepytime atmosphere is the perfect way to encourage your toddler to nap.

Where to Put Baby for Daytime Naps

Sometimes finding the perfect nap time area for your child is the easiest way to get them to sleep. Maybe you have chores to do, or you’re working from home and you don’t want to leave your child alone upstairs and would prefer to have them nap where you can keep an eye on them. 

For those older toddlers who choose to nap anywhere, create a cosy naptime nook using a Crafty Pod padded out with cosy mats, blankets or pillows. Creating an area your child feels comfortable in is essential for a fuss-free naptime, allowing your little one to wake up feeling healthy and alert for a fun afternoon.

Baby on baby mat in a Crafty Pod

Discover Crafty Pods for a Cosy Naptime Routine

Get ready for naptime with help from Crafty Pods and our full range of children’s play mats. Collapsible when you’re not using them, Crafty Pods have been created for parents, by parents, helping you to complete everyday tasks and errands whilst your little one enjoys their own safe space.

Start making naptime that little bit easier when you buy a Crafty Pod for naptime. Explore our full range today, or get in touch with our friendly team for more information about our useful Pods.

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