3 Essential Products For Every Stay-At-Home Mum

Being a stay-at-home mum can be a full-time job, there is so much to do in a day and only so much time to do it.

Spending time with your little one is important, which is why at Crafty Pods we have come up with 3 essential products that will help mums look after their child whilst still managing to get all of their errands and stay at home activities done with ease.

1. Learning Towers for Toddlers

Learning towers are a great addition to any home with young children. Leaning towers help your child to stand up safely, providing your toddler with a boost so they can see what you’re doing.

Just like a step, a learning tower allows your child to reach the table or counter where you are working. The enclosed steps create a safe space for your child to learn with you as you cook, clean or craft.

Bake cookies with your little helper, or let them get involved with meal prep so they can see what they are eating before you cook it. Getting children involved in household chores is a great way to teach them independence at an early age.

2. Convertible High-Chair/ Tripp Trapp

Meal times can be stressful, especially if your child isn’t comfortable. A convertible high chair is a great investment that can last your child from the age of six months to three years with the right adjustments.

Give your child the space to explore their food, whilst still sitting at the table with everyone else. A separate high chair can make a child feel left out, so sit them at the table with you for breakfast, lunch or dinner and allow them to feel the comfort of your presence while they enjoy their meal.

3. Play Mats for Stay-at-home mums

Allow your child to have some independent play time by using a play mat like the Crafty Pod

Play mats are a great way to give your child a safe space to be creative, whilst knowing exactly where they are. Set up your Crafty Pod in the room where you are working, keeping your child in sight but allowing them to discover their own fun.

Completely portable, you can move your play mat from room to room, or even into the garden during the warmer months as you get your gardening gloves on. The opportunities are endless with a Crafty Pod, and you can even add a messy mat to the inside as you get them started with some sensory play.

Ease into stay-at-home parenthood with Crafty Pods

Keeping your child safe and entertained couldn’t be easier with the help of Crafty Pods. Collapsible and easy to clean, Crafty Pods have been created by parents, for parents, helping you to spend time with your little one and keep your home as mess-free as possible.

Take a step toward an easier stay at home life when you buy your kids a Crafty Pod. Explore our range today!

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