5 Baby Painting Ideas for when you spend quality time with your little one

Spending time with your children is a blessing, but finding things to do together during this time can sometimes feel like a struggle. At Crafty Pods we want to make spending quality time with your child easier, which is why we have come up with five baby painting ideas for you to do with your child to keep them entertained.

1. Zip-lock bag Painting for Children

This mess-free painting activity is a great sensory activity for you to do with your child. 

Take a piece of paper the size of your zip-lock bag and cover it in dots of paint before placing it into your bag and safely zipping it closed. Now your child can have fun squishing the paint without making any mess while experiencing different textures. Add glitters and sequins or similar to add another texture to this fun sensory activity.

Zip-lock bag painting is also a great way to teach your child colour mixing, just put two primary colour paints in one bag and let them squish and mix to their heart's content.


2. Ice Painting

Following the theme of sensory painting, ice painting is a great activity to do with your child. 

Create a batch of ice paints by mixing water with coloured paints. Mix each of your water-paint colours and pour them into an ice tray before placing a lolly stick into the top and freezing them. Now you’ll have easy-to-use ice ‘paintbrushes’ that will give your child different textures and temperatures to play around with while making fun art!


3. Splat Painting

Now for messy play paint activities!

Splat painting is great fun for children, it combines sensory play and messy play with art and colours.

Take cotton balls and dip them into different paints, you can then hit them with a spoon to make the splat effect, or let your children be free with their creativity and throw them at the paper.

This activity is much messier than ice painting or zip-lock bag painting, so make sure you have a space that’s easy to clean afterwards.


4. Handprint Painting

A classic activity for you and your child, that leaves you with a precious keepsake memory, is hand or footprint painting. 

Set up a special area that’s easy to contain and keep clean, such as a Crafty Pod with a Messy Mat, and let your child pick their favourite paints. You could paint their hand/foot all one colour, or mix it up by painting all the different fingers/toes different colours, before letting your child press them into paper, canvas, pottery or fabric. 

This activity can be very messy, but it’s also great fun for your child and is the perfect way to make memories.


5. Edible Paints

If your child shows their curiosity by putting anything and everything in their mouth you can create some edible paints that allow them to explore their creativity without you having to worry. Add food colouring to things like custard, creams and sauces and let them run wild tasting and painting. Or mix your own edible paint together using a mixture of cornflour, water and food colourings to create whichever colours you would like.

Edible paints can mean that your child discovers that they can cover themselves in delicious paint, so doing this activity on a messy mat outside in the summer months means you can easily clean up afterwards by adding water to the mix, either with a sprinkler or some bowls of water for some wet messy play.

Spend Quality Time Together With Crafty Pods

At Crafty Pods we understand that spending quality time with your children is important for both of you. Our Crafty Pods and Messy Mats are the perfect space for spending time and completing activities together, while the easy fold-down design makes cleaning easier and takes time away from tidying up, allowing you more time just the two of you.

Explore our range of Pods and Mats to discover the perfect crafty set-up for you and your family, or contact our team if you have any questions, we’re happy to help.

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