5 Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy days can feel like a nightmare when children want to get out and play. Whilst the weather may be damp and dreary you and your kids can still have fun.

Rainy day activities are the perfect thing to have up your sleeve for when the day takes a turn and the garden is suddenly off-limits. From sensory activities for kids to messy play, there are lots of fun activities that can be played indoors (or outside for those parents daring to brave the rain).

At Crafty Pods our pods were created by parents, for parents, so we know exactly how challenging it can be to keep your kids entertained all day when it’s raining. We have created a list of our favourite rainy day activities to help you brave the day and know what to do with kids on a rainy day.

1. Get Baking

child cracking an egg into a bowl

Kitchen skills are something all children need to learn eventually, so why not have some bonding time together as you teach them how to make their favourite bakes? Whip out the recipe books and find your favourite cakes, bread and biscuits to make together.

Not only is this a great activity that teaches your child invaluable skills, but it’s also the opportunity to spend time together and have fun whilst teaching your child something new. Your children will learn to measure ingredients, how to use kitchen gadgets safely and how to feed themselves when they need to. 

Experiment with different colours and flavours for a sensory experience that allows your child to unleash their creativity making delicious food that you can enjoy together later.

Why not create a fun little indoor picnic in your Crafty Pod with everything you have made?

2. Time to Paint

Children painting together in a Crafty Pod

When we’re busy running around after our children we can forget to take the time to relax, and they do too.

When the rain is coming down it’s the perfect time to get out the paints and craft supplies and allow your child to get creative while you get a new fridge decoration, win win!

Get out your Messy Mat and sensory play mat, and settle your child down in front of their paints for a cosy and creative afternoon indoors. Messy play allows your children to explore different materials without worrying about making a mess! There are lots of different painting activities to choose from for children of all ages to have a fun-packed afternoon.

3. Create a Cosy Den

Two toddlers sat on cosy bean bags in a Crafty Pod set up indoors

Wait out the rain in a cosy den, watching films together or letting them settle in for a nap or with their favourite book for a rainy day storytime.

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity for some cosy time. If you’re looking for some activities to keep them busy while you work from home, or have chores you need to get done, creating a secure cosy area is an ideal solution for you and your child, allowing you to finish what you need to do while they enjoy some quiet time.

Clear a space for a play mat like a Crafty Pod, before filling it with cosy blankets, cushions, beanbags or cuddly toys to make your child as comfortable as possible while they settle down to watch their favourite film or read their favourite book. Now you can work whilst keeping an eye on your child on this gloomy day.

You could even cosy down together and throw some blankets over the top of your Crafty Pod to create a fun inside den, a great rainy day activity for kids and parents alike!

4. DIY Activities

Child making a rainbow out of playdough

Spend some time together getting stuck in with some fun DIY activities that bring sensory play into your home.

Making their own playdough or slime can be a great chance to get your children involved in their activities as they learn and play.

Make your Own Playdough

Playdough is great fun to play with, super soft and squishy it’s a sensory joy for kids. Easy to make for hours of fun, and your child can help to make it too!

Mix 100g of Cornflour with 200g of Bicarbonate of Soda and 150g of water for easy, edible playdough that your child can help to make themselves. Add food colouring or natural flavourings for a little more fun. Now you don’t need to worry about your child putting the playdough in their mouths.

DIY Slime

What child doesn’t like playing with slime? Sensory play helps to engage your child's senses and can have a calming effect. 

Making slime couldn’t be easier, especially when you make Oobleck. Oobleck is made by mixing cornflour and water together to create a slime that is solid to the touch, but acts like a liquid when left alone. Add colours for extra sensory fun and enjoy playing with your slime. 

Alternatively, you can make glue slime with PVA glue and other ingredients for a long-lasting slime that brings tons of fun (you can even add glitter).

5. Muddy Play

Child in yellow raincoat and red wellingtons splashing in a muddy puddle

With rain comes mud, and mud is the perfect ingredient for a fun messy play rainy day activity.

Whether you grab a tub of mud from the garden and bring it in for your child to play with in their easy-clean Crafty Pod and Messy Mat for some fun sensory play indoors, or you get decked out in your wellies and raincoats to make mud pies or splash in muddy puddles together. Mud is great for sensory play as children splash and squish as much as they please. 

This rainy day activity really is messy, so make sure you have your clean-up planned. You can shake out your messy mat outside and hose it down, but getting your kids into the bath may be a little trickier!

Make memories together on rainy days that your children will remember forever with a messy sensory play activity that is lots of fun for all the family.

Spend Quality Time Together with Crafty Pods

Spend quality time together and avoid the rain with fun rainy-day activities from Crafty Pods.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our range of Crafty Pods and Messy Mats for sensory and messy play, or check out our blog for lots more fun activities for you and your family to do together, no matter the weather.

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