5 Easter Activities to do with Toddlers

Spring is on its way and with it comes Easter! Bright colours and lots of chocolate make this a popular holiday for children and adults alike, but what can you do with your little one to make sure it’s an extra special day?

As spring approaches you may be wondering how to celebrate Easter with a toddler, which is why at Crafty Pods we have come up with our top five fun Easter Activities to do with your child. Easter is a great time to spend some quality time together doing some fun easter activities for toddlers and making memories.

Crafty Pods Five Favourite Easter Activities

At Crafty Pods we believe that activities together are a great way to bond and enjoy quality time, which is why we have come up with our five favourite Easter-themed activities that will bring fun to the long weekend.

Easter Egg Hunts for Toddlers

Easter Egg Hunts are a classic Easter activity that children love, hunting down eggs either at home, in the garden or somewhere local. Toddlers are a little bit small for running around with the other kids and searching high places, which is why a fun ‘Balloon Easter Egg Hunt’ might be a great alternative that you can create for them to enjoy.

A Balloon Easter Egg Hunt is simple to create and great fun for your toddler. Find some brightly coloured balloons and some tasty easter treats that our toddler will love for this activity.

Blow up as many colourful balloons as you might need and attach them to your treats, dotting them around your chosen space as you would a regular easter egg hunt. The balloons are easier to see and grab for little hands, allowing your little one to find their own ‘Easter Eggs’ and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

This balloon easter egg hunt is super accessible for toddlers and children, allowing them to point out balloons that are out of reach and work together to find all of the desirable Easter eggs.

Fizzy Eggs for Easter

Messy play is great fun as well as being great for a child’s development, which is why Fizzy Eggs is a great Easter activity that will keep them entertained for ages.

Find some colourful plastic eggs that you can fill with whatever you want before setting up your messy play area. A Crafty Pod with Messy Mat is the ideal solution to your messy play needs.

For this activity you will need hard-boiled eggs, white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring, as well as those plastic eggs.

Place half a tablespoon of bicarb in each plastic egg and add a few drops of your favourite food colourings to each one, mixing as you go.

Next place your hard-boiled eggs into the plastic egg, standing them up in a cupcake tray to keep them steady if needed. Now you can create the fizz!

Add vinegar to each egg and watch them bubble, like creating magical Easter potions! Once your fizzy fun is over you will have some colourful hard-boiled eggs that can either be eaten or played with in their messy play area.

Easter Cupcake Decorating with Toddlers

Bunny measuring spoons next to a pink egg carton and colourful sprinkles

A tasty treat perfect for the long Easter weekend is a delicious batch of cupcakes! Get your toddler involved by baking some cupcakes together, you can hand them the right ingredients to pour into the bowl and help them mix up the batter. 

Your little one can watch the cupcakes rise before helping to mix up some colourful icing to spread onto the cupcakes, followed by lots of sprinkles of course!

Baking is a great activity for toddlers, helping them to learn new vocabulary as well as working on their hand-eye coordination, whilst decorating at the end is a perfect way to let your child get creative.

If cupcakes aren’t for you there are always delicious, chocolatey Easter nests to be made, and don’t forget to lick the spoon!

Easter-themed Sensory Play

Child in red raincoat playing in a Crafty Pod with sensory items such as cereals, balls and slime

Sensory play is ideal for toddlers as it lets them explore their senses and explore their creativity. Create an Easter-themed sensory play area with some easter items and a sensory play mat to keep the mess contained.

Adding lots of bright pastel colours to your sensory areas immediately brings Spring to sensory play, but why not add toy eggs, flowers, cuddly bunny toys or Easter-themed snacks and cereals to the area to lean into the theme. Remember those fluffy little easter chicks with the little plastic legs from your own childhood? Adding them to your Easter sensory play set-up is a fantastic way to add new textures and bright colours to the display.

A great sensory play item is a bowl full of jelly, why not dot easter eggs inside for your child to find as they play and explore?


Cotton Ball Lamb Crafts for the Easter Weekend

A classic Easter arts and crafts activity, help your little one to create their very own Spring lamb with things you can find in your craft box.

Cut out the outline of a sheep on a piece of white paper, followed by cutting out some details on black paper like the head and legs. Once you have done the important cutting task you can give your toddler a glue stick and let them go wild creating their own Easter sheep. 

Cotton balls make the perfect fluffy sheep’s body and you can add googly eyes to the mix for some fun, but let your child figure out where to stick everything on their own. Exploring their creativity is so important which is why this semi-independent arts and crafts activity is an ideal choice for parents and toddlers this Easter weekend.

Lambs, bunnies, chicks and more, there are so many options for fun Easter Crafts making our favourite furry friends out of easy-to-find crafty supplies.

Discover Easter Fun with Crafty Pods

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