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Medium Crafty Pod


 Expands to 150cm wide.
 Folds to 28cm easy storage.
 Easy wipe fabric.
 Water-resistant material.
 6 storage pockets.
 Includes free messy mat!

Discover newfound fun, indoors and outdoors.
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Crafty pods can be used in a lot of different ways, for example, Painting, Den building, play dough, block building, foam playing, sensory fun, colouring and so much more.
You will now get our newest launching product included in your order!
To clean them they go in the... WASHING MACHINE!!
That's right they go in the washing machine!
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SMALL - Ideal for 1/2 small children or 1 child 4+ (apartments, smaller living arrangements)

MEDIUM - Ideal for 2 older -3 younger children (larger apaartment,house, average living space)

LARGE - Ideal 3 children 4 years + - 5 younger children (child minding, class setting, larger living space someone who has plenty of space
ideal for adults to join in)